Onur Aslan

DevOps Engineer — Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Linux System Administrator, DevOps Engineer and Software Developer with more than 10 years of experience in architecthing, automating and optimizing mission critical deployments over bare metal servers and cloud. Proficient with configuration management tools and CI/CD pipelines along with Docker and Kubernetes.

Work Experience

DevOps Engineer/Software Developer

DefensX - Zero Trust Internet/Remote Browser Isolation

02/2020 — Present
  • Infrastructure Architect: Designed, installed, managed and maintained company's entire infrastructure on Azure with Terraform and Ansible. Been responsible from authorization, security, maintenance, PKI and VPN.
  • Kubernetes Deployments: Developed kubectl plugin to manages deployments to many Kubernetes clusters. Been responsible from scalable, mission-critical Kubernetes deployments to AKS, EKS and DO.
  • Kubernetes Servers: Installed and maintained Kubernetes clusters on Azure, AWS, DO and bare-metal servers.
  • Automation: Dockerized, developed CI/CD pipelines and automated deployments of every microservices.
  • Security Scans: Implemented periodical security scans and security updates/fixes to every image.
  • Monitoring: Setup monitoring tools; Prometheus, Loki and Grafana. Provided informative dashboards.
  • Rust Development: Developed bindings and high performance service for URL categorization engine with Rust.
  • Python Development: Developed OAuth2 based login provider with Python FastAPI and Vue.js, and integrated with Azure AD and Okta.

DevOps Engineer/Software Developer

Mozilla - The Rust Programming Language

01/2016 — 02/2022
The Rust Programming Language Member
  • Rust Development: Developed fully automated and roboust documentation builder and hosting service for the Rust Programming Language libraries: Docs.rs sponsored by Leaseweb and later Amazon.
  • System Administration: Managed bare metal dedicated Debian servers and later AWS EC2 instances.
  • LXC and Docker: Used LXC and configured Linux cgroups. Secured containers with Linux PAM modules. Managed more than thousands of system dependencies to provide high successfully build rate. Later started using sandboxed dispossable Docker containers for build environments.
  • PostgreSQL DBA Managed a hand crafted PostgreSQL database with the size of 1 TB.
  • CI/CD Automation Developed Docker images and automatized deployments to AWS EC2.
  • Developed Docker images for development and testing with Azure Pipelines.
  • Worked in various teams in the project and implemented necessary components to the language and documentation tool (rustdoc).

Software Developer

Debian Project

08/2010 — Present
  • Worked in Python and Perl teams.
  • Patched various programs to make it work with system libraries and resources.
  • Used low level Debian tools to make proper packages and used QA and test tools to test packages in Debian and other Debian derivative distributions.
  • Solved bugs with Debian BTS (Bug Tracking System).
  • Ported packages to other Debian derived distributions (mainly Ubuntu).

Front-end Engineer

Şikayetvar Bilişim A.Ş.

03/2018 — 03/2019 (REMOTE)
Turkey's biggest complain and problem solving platform.
  • Developed a SPA administration panel with more than hundreds of components with Vue.js and achieved complex state management with vuex.
  • Developed a complete, easy to use plugin for one of the industry leading Bootstrap based administration theme Metronic.
  • Used ES6 JavaScript standards and mentored two colleagues.
  • Setup CI and CD to automatize tests and builds with GitLab CI and Heroku.


  • Kubernetes (CKA)
  • Docker
  • Azure/AWS
  • Terraform
  • Python/Perl/Bash
  • C/C++/Rust
  • HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript
  • PostgreSQL
  • Git/SVN/CVS
  • Azure Pipelines/GitLab CI


Google Code Jam 2013

Reached Round 3 in Google's programming competition.

Personal Projects

  • acme-client
    — Yet another Let's Encrypt client and library written in Rust.
  • Bitmex-Simple
    — Simple, easy to use, real-time cryptocurrency trading app written in Vue.js.
  • Img10
    — Temporary image hosting service based on Google App Engine and Google Cloud Storage developed in Python.
  • sysinfo-web
    — Lightweight system monitor and process viewer written in Rust.


Mozilla - The Rust Programming Language

01/2016 — Present

Debian Project

08/2010 — Present


AAS in Computer Programming

2008 — 2010
3.9 GPA, K. Maraş Sütçü İmam University


  • English
  • Turkish